Peppercorn to Open in Historic Downtown Siler City
peppercorn-012The peppercorn was once such a rare spice that in the 15th century, explorers ventured to the Far East in search of it and other spices. A few types, white, green, and black, are available and derived from a berry. Another definition of peppercorn is the legal term for nominal or small payment.

Transition to today and Peppercorn is a new restaurant opening in historic downtown Siler City, with a slight interpretation of its origin, one could consider it a rare place that has become more familiar, and one where good food is available at a reasonable price.

Sandwiches, salads, panini, soups, and desserts are a planned part of the fare. Thepeppercorn-013 draft menu is a selection of choices that will appeal to many tastes, traditional and trending. Dinner may include some additional options, perhaps one or two more hearty dishes. The location will serve as a venue as well, and will meet many needs for evening dining and intimate gatherings. Guests who have tasted the vast baked goods at Courtyard Coffee and Soda Café and Blue Dot Coffee will find that Peppercorn’s offerings are equally delightful and fresh. Courtyard Coffee and Blue Dot owner, peppercorn-025Joan Underwood, began this new venture to continue to enhance the flavor of the town’s distinct spots—the art galleries, the Courtyard where music is played third Fridays, and the year-round festivities that bring local residents and visitors to the scene. Joan has had a very committed resolve to making her community thrive; moreover, she has done a great deal to make this restaurant happen, and it will be an exciting addition to historic downtown Siler City. Local residents are also interested in making this happen, with community financing, working alongside Slow Money of NC.

Beer and wine will be available at Peppercorn and the atmosphere will be an peppercorn-008inviting spot in historic downtown with grand windows to view thepeppercorn-009 galleries nearby. We are quite partial to the tofu banh mi and almond cake with fruit sauce and everyone will find their favorites. Peppercorn won’t close midday, which is fantastic for those of us interested in a 2pm lunch or 4pm kickoff to the weekend (hours are 11am – 8pm). The historic elements of the building are attractive and the inviting and experienced staff will make all welcome–neighbors grabbing a bite to eat or visitors exploring the area looking for healthy, vegan, seafood, meat, or vegetarian choices.

Check back with us and we’ll have more details about a timeline for opening, finalized menu, and more. Joan’s background in catering (and probably all that coffee) will make this endeavor a success. We just can’t wait.