Sustainability in Siler City

Our area is known for fields, farms, and plentiful greens, so we’re always thrilled when we find places that celebrate agritourism. We love it when farmers want to share and educate their guests. It’s a treat to see a working farm because the days are long and busy, it’s hard not to get in the way so it’s an experience to have a chance to play when visiting. We appreciate the opportunities that agritourism affords our guests because hardworking farmers make the time to share, educate, and give us a glimpse and taste of their daily routines and lifestyles.

We recently toured Green Panda Farms with Tenita Solanto and Christina Verwoerdt-Solanto. It’s an interesting addition to our agritourism offerings because it’s almost hidden and it’s just perfect in the setting in Siler City. Plentiful parking and a serene green scene make it a true find when exploring.

Green Panda Farms, in the little time that we’ve been working together, has truly made progress and their plans for the future are impressive. Microgreens are the products and these superfoods are packed with flavor. Tenita is a Navy veteran and after leading a business workshop for farmers, their passion inspired her to grow microgreens. The health benefits, the creativity involved, and the innovation are part of the excitement of the work.
Green Panda Farms has been working toward offering a variety of products and services. You’ll find some microgreens, which you can either have delivered to you, serve in your restaurant, or visit for occasional workshops. Salad dressings, new types of microgreens, and other facets of the greenhouse make this a place to learn and visit. Soon, they’ll host events as they work to create a venue.

Tenita somehow finds the time to run a tech business and also work in event planning. Simultaneously, they are working on building a new hydroponic system and look forward to showcasing it in the future, upon completion. Tenita tells us, “Green Panda Farms will soon offer a variety of workshops and educational tours to teach about different types of urban farming methods, including aquaponics, hydroponics, indoor growing, and more!”