Green Panda Farms, Tenita Solanto, #FacesOfTravel

National Travel & Tourism Week (NTTW) this year is themed the #FacesOfTravel so we’re exploring the individuals behind-the-scenes at several of our visitor-related businesses. Learn more about Tenita Solanto (Green Panda Farms), Navy Veteran farmer with a passion for growing microgreens and educating her customers. Her talent and enthusiasm are essential in our industry and we look forward to the opportunity to visit her Siler City location when it’s open later this year. Meanwhile, she’s mobile, at markets and eateries in the region.

What is your current title? What are your official, and unofficial, job duties?
I’m the owner and operator of Green Panda Farms in Siler City. I grow microgreens and micro herbs for chefs, caterers, and the health conscious consumer.

Where have you worked/which jobs have you had before now?
I’ve worked in the Research Triangle Park area at IBM as a Test Engineer and Project Manager. I’ve also served in the Navy as an Electronic Technician working on radars and satellite systems.

What makes you happiest at your job?
I’m the happiest at Green Panda Farms when I’m planting my seeds for my next batch of microgreens. It brings me joy to watch my seeds grow and become something that will compliment a chef next masterpiece. I love growing food for the community.

What keeps you at this job and in this county?
The fact of knowing that I’m growing healthy food that can have a positive impact on my customers.

What do you find most special/significant about this destination (either Chatham County or your specific place of business or both)?
What I find most special about Chatham county is all the hidden treasures that are within the county. As a new business expanding to the area, I’ve enjoyed meeting the friendly locals and learning about all the different eclectic businesses in the area.


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