Illuminations at the Spa at Bell House

We recently had a sneak peek of the holiday gifts, including a new candle line, at the Spa at Bell House. A lovely variety of candles, each reflects a piece of the history of the home, once a doctor’s office, and now a spa with an inviting wraparound porch and sunny yellow color.

Make the holiday season brighter with these gifts, each offering a story explaining a bit more about the past. A special thanks to Starla Sutton, the hardworking and talented owner, operator, and photographer (plus a few other titles that reflect her efforts) for sharing with us behind-the-scenes. We hope you find time to #ShopSmall here, with time to indulge in a treatment, or two.

The collection was created to specifically honor the memory of LaVerna “Lucky” Bell Davis and the history of the house. Lucky was an inspiration to many people and the story begins the day that she married; she had been quoted to say and that she “remembered, almost in perfect detail, the day when she was married.” It has been more than 50 years when she started her day at the Bell House (74 is Salisbury St) in her bedroom upstairs. It was her wedding day and she had said that people came to visit her throughout the day, from different places such as the camp she worked as a counselor. They wanted to wish her well, bringing little mementos from daisies to Queen Anne’s lace. She recalled that she was not to move about the house or even appear in front of a mirror because, fearing bad luck, she did not want her fiance, Harold Davis, to see her until the big moment arrived.

Spa at Bell House is initially introducing five candles, the first of which is, Lucky, in honor of LaVerna Bell Davis. Aptly, the second candle is called Davis to honor her husband, Harold Davis. The third candle is the Carriage House, to highlight the little wooden shed in the back of the property surrounded by beautiful leaves and trees. The story is that many years ago, prior to LaVerna’s move to the home, a gentleman made carriage wheels and he would store the wheels in the old shed.

The fourth candle is called the Piano, to honor Lucky’s mother, Hilda Bell, married to John Bell. She taught piano lessons to many people from the region and, to this day, they have an abundance memories where inside the home they had their piano lessons. Some recall that it was in the living room, some say they remember lessons in the dining room, and others recall that it was a room in the back that now serves as the spa’s office.

The fifth candle is simply the Bell House. The house sits on a hill, showing the test of time, and the magic, between two wonderful people in the marriage that started at this historic place. The Spa at Bell House team finds the very first candle collection a way of honoring the special and happy couple. Anyone watching the Hallmark Channel might enjoy the coincidental themes similar to the Bell, Book, and Candle, magic and happy vibes.

Each candle is one hundred percent soy, packaged in a beautiful gift box with an insert that explains Lucky, Davis, Carriage House, Piano, and Bell House, the keys that unlock the story of each iconic milepost prior to the site today, a place to restore and renew, the Spa at Bell House.