Explore Your Adventurous Spirit at Huckleberry Trail Farm

Our fall event extravaganza continues with a number of seasonal spots to explore. Each year, Huckleberry Trail Farm opens for guests to roam the pumpkin patch, take in some cotton pickin’, see the land from the hay rides (accessible hay rides available), and play games til sundown. The corn maze requires a little stamina and a bit of brain power as questions are asked along the way.

While many events and sites may be similar from one year to the next, Huckleberry Trail Farm and the team look for ways to improve and change features so that guests return each year and each visit is different. An inspiring visit to the Mark Twain Boyhood Home & Museum provided both research for future activities and an opportunity to learn about the adventurous spirit of writer, storyteller, Samuel L. Clemens. Huckleberry Finn is a character loosely based on real people, so it’s possible that guests to the farm will find their own favorite activities, excitement in the learning that takes place, and the acres of space to roam and relax.

Huckleberry Trail Farm will be open every Thursday and Friday in October for educational visits, offering education in fresh air, with old-fashioned fun. Team-building activities, field trips, and the HAPpy project all make the trip even more fulfilling.

Join us for another year as Huckleberry Trail Farm brings all guests the fall farm experience.