Catering and Creating

gregmariaSome restaurateurs are caterers and some caterers are restaurateurs and they manage each career well. The experienced ones know that not all restaurants that cater can manage both seamlessly and they understand the differences and the demands. Executive Chef Greg Lewis has served as a caterer, chef, restaurateur, and service provider throughout his career. He turned his focus to Pittsboro Roadhouse & General Store almost five years ago and is now embarking on building a new venture, 39 West Catering. While he has had overlap in all realms for some time, the intensity building in Chatham County has served as a catalyst for this latest endeavor.

I had the opportunity to talk with him in the early days of planning for our county venue, Chatham County Agriculture & Conference Center (CCACC) when he willingly shared a ton of tips and insight. Recently, we sat down to talk about meetings and weddings in our area and his focus on 39 West Catering (an approved caterer for CCACC). The work and service provided goes beyond just catering a function. You can share a favorite childhood recipe to make your event memorable and take full advantage of this acclaimed chef’s advice, with a career that includes working with a Michelin star chef (three stars).

Working with Greg Lewis and his team means you share your preferences and they make things happen, beyond just the menu you want. He knows how events work, how to handle the surprises, and what you need (often before you thin39westdishk of it). Greg’s team includes his wife, Maria Parker-Lewis, who is equal in her expertise and willingness to help create a happy and fulfilling experience.

Let them know your menu choices, enjoy a comfortable experience tasting the menu, and take advantage of the expertise. It’s a team at 39 West Catering, which includes Chef Lee Ruffier, Director of Sales and Catering Jennifer
Hernly, adding to the wealth of experience and knowledge of the area they serve, Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, Pittsboro and the region. Clients seeking a full-service caterer for events will find it here, but also the connections and resources to manage the many details it takes for the idyllic experience.

Learn more about the places and services to #MeetAndMarry in our county.