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open_pastureSome of our guests are repeat visitors. They return because they love a particular place or because they want to experience that place in a different season. We are always pleased to offer new sights to explore, a restaurant, tour, or other visitor experience. We also like to offer distinct adventures that are different each time, at a farm, park, inn, or other site. Visit us this spring, as spontaneously or as planned as you like, via People-First Tourism.

A new season is almost here and we are just thrilled for higher temperatures, vibrant colors, and outdoor fun. We’ve added some new micro-entrepreneurs to our visitor network so join us in exploring some lavender farms (Apex, Bennett), beer farm (yes, beer), and other working farms. While in town, take in local food and nature places to create a full itinerary for the weekend or a mid-week escape with family or as a group, a couple, or solo traveler.

Follow orabbit_farmur fall snapshot from People-First experiences at Cohen Farm (Pittsboro) and Crystal Willett’s Chatham Rabbits Farm (Bear Creek), working farms that welcomed some students and their parents, plus a trip to Courtyard Coffee and Soda Cafe (Siler City) during their time in Chatham County.demo

Impressions from a proud dad:
Parents booked a morning visit to Crystal Willett’s Chatham Rabbits Farm, and they visited Esta and Murray Cohen’s farm in the afternoon. Crystal, Esta and Murray engaged these young helpers in actual farm work, which they embraced with energy and spunk. Along with the satisfaction of being helpful at the farm, these youngsters learned a great deal about growing healthy food and the joy of teamwork. It is indeed fortunate that parents in North Carolina can still expose their children to such genuine, rich and engaging experiences.


In between farm visits, we all had lunch in Siler City, demonstrating how Chatham County’s small working farms can generate economic opportunities for all. If you are interested in Chatham County, please notice the growing number of farmers and small entrepreneurs opening their doors to visitors. And notice the sprouting up of quaint eateries and local shops.

Explore with us, the small and unique, and experience a fuller, meaningful itinerary. Stay tuned as our network grows.


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