Gems in Goldston

rufusSmall towns offer a lot—they serve as a place to explore along the way when heading to another city, a place to see small features that can enhance your overall experience, and they often connect to many towns and cities so it’s worth the drive and the trip. You’ll find local residents who are walking historians, with a wealth of knowledgefall_goldston 043 about the area.

Many finds that include books, antiques, collectibles, and other items comprise the multiple floors at Calico Quilt Antiques. Fill a leisurely afternoon browsing after lunch at Rufus’s or Lizzie’s Grill-N-Chill. Hang out with local residents at lunch, indulge in cozy comfort food favorites and then take some time to explore Goldston.

Goldston offers all the facets of a small town framed in a period of time and visiting might make you slow down and fall_goldston 040appreciate friendly folk and nifty facts, including a significant one—with 15 buildings listed on the National Register of Historic Places, it is designated as the Goldston Commercial Historic District. Farmers’ market days are sometimes smaller than other places but they’ll help you beat the heat with a “drive through” option on occasion and bring the items to you in your car. Old Fashion Day is an annual event that celebrates this town, now a few years over the century milestone. Reno Sharpe’s Store is another place of local lore and what was once a country store is now the spot for weekend jam sessions, with all skill levels, ages, sign_goldstonand instruments. Talent abounds in music and in the delights from the kitchen of Yummy Eats, which has been featured in Rustic Wedding Chic.

Visit with Denise Dunn at Calico Quilt Antiques this Small Business Saturday (or any other time as they’re open year-round). You might meet her mom, who bought the building more than 15 years ago and filled it with an abundance of diverse finds. Magazines are placed at the front door, sort of a waiting area for kids who can opt to flip through old publications or cut pages fall_goldston 060and pictures to create an art project; it makes their wait unnoticeable as their parents are browsing (Denise is an educator so she understands patience and the need for activities). Mazie Summers Soap is available at this shop; the soaps are highly popular gifts throughout the year, made locally and available at farmers’ markets, local festivals, and when you stay overnight at the Heart of NC Trails Inn. Handkerchiefs, jewelry, books, rugs, tapestries, board games, vintage items, apparel, furniture, china and place settings…these are only a few of the favorite things you’ll want to take home when you’re shopping at Calico Quilt Antiques.

Denise tells us that she works harfall_goldston 061d to find items that she is proud to display and sell; it’s important for her to showcase quality items and at an affordable, fair price. The shopping experience is so much more than selling when people visit. It’s conversation and stories. Visit this Small Business Saturday, November 29, as they celebrate the essence of the #ShopSmall concept at their Christmas Open House, with refreshments, a roaring fire, and a great detour destination.


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