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A vegetarian walks into a seafood place. It’s really not the start of a lame joke; rather, it’s a perspective of how one vegetarian was able to eat very well alongside other Postal Fish Company guests, at the oyster bar section of the restaurant.

Pittsboro’s seafood restaurant has a focus on sustainability, from every detail throughout the place, including the location and menu items. Fresh catch, acclaimed chefs, and an inviting space create the perfect evening, whether it’s a special occasion or a midweek meal.

Chef Bill Hartley and Chef James Clark are experienced in their industry, with professional training, but also working beyond the kitchen. Prior to opening the restaurant, they’d work on-site getting the building ready and also working events such as pop-up dinners with other regional chefs. Most recently, after they opened in fall 2017, they hosted the Feast of the Seven Fishes and it was a big hit, with a dedicated ornament (guests are already ready to collect one each year).

Visit for oysters (take a seat at the oyster bar, a table, or the bar) or the many seafood dishes, prepared to perfection. Some of the comments that equate to high praise: “I really wish you ate seafood because I have no words to describe this amazing meal; the only way for you to know what I’m experiencing is to taste for yourself.” A guest also stated that she doesn’t usually care for smoked whitefish but at Postal Fish, she’d order it again.

Many restaurants have that one table that is the best seat in the house, sometimes a few tables. Here, we liked the room within the restaurant that is ideal for a group of 16 – 20 family members and friends, for a special occasion or outing. The bar is another spot for an enjoyable evening of oysters and drinks. Another good option is a table in the corner, where you can sit and watch everything happening throughout the eatery.

Our favorite spot was the oyster bar (yep, even for a vegetarian) because everyone’s welcome, you have the behind-the-scenes experience built into your meal as you watch the team prepare food. We also have to admit that watching that bread, just out of the oven, buttered and served, was a pretty delightful perk.

Another reason it’s a great seat is you’ll have a show and pick up on the Chefs’ conversations, really illuminating, and aspiring chefs might hear some good tips. The view of the night outside and the techniques from the wood grill area to the stove to the oven make the evening an unofficial culinary lesson, if you’d like.

Also part of the team is Chef Marcey Clark, creating varied desserts, a surprise at every visit. The service is attentive and the coffee was good with dessert. Here’s the menu one cold winter night in January:

  • Smoked whitefish dip, pimento cheese
  • Butterbean hummus (GF)
  • Oysters on the half shell
  • Shrimp boudin balls
  • Braised short rib ravioli
  • Beer steamed clams
  • Rockfish with shrimp veloute, winter squash, cauliflower and sunflower shoots
  • Wreckfish with crispy Brussels sprouts and coal charred fennel soubise
  • Wood grilled Elysian Fields carrots, curry aioli & candied pecans
  • Crispy grits, wilted arugula and onion jam
  • Chocolate cake with cream cheese icing, peanut brittle ice cream
  • Coconut Cake

Tastes and dietary restrictions sometimes make one hesitate to make a trip to a restaurant with a focus on a certain cuisine. Chef Hartley and Chef Clark are happy to welcome guests with varied tastes and nutritional needs.

The menu changes. Daily. Enjoy your bragging (and Instagramming) rights because after a visit, when you tell others, each experience is certain to be different and one’s own.

They’re open for dinner Tue – Sat (5pm – 10pm) and Sunday brunch (11am – 2pm). I asked if they get the question we’re asked often and that’s whether they’ll open for lunch anytime soon. Right now, they’re focused on dinner and Sunday brunch and making sure it’s done well so stay tuned.

Chef Hartley and Chef Clark will match, dish for dish, the tasty and filling food, for all guests. And they’ll put their stamp on it.

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