Tour with Confidence

Taking a group to tour places requires precision in planning. Itineraries are scheduled to the minute and with minutiae, and if you’re like us, you provide plenty of cushion for coffee breaks, extra questions, etc. Sometimes, if you’re lucky, you have enough flexibility to shift the day just enough that you can indulge the group in a detour.

The group trip to historic downtown Siler City’s Farmers’ Alliance, with a stop at Courtyard Coffee, local shops and galleries, and a guided tour of the NC Arts Incubator was a full afternoon, sandwiched in between visits to Southern Supreme Gourmet (Bear Creek) and Carolina Brewery & Grill (Pittsboro). We had the good fortune of peeking around the corner and spotting someone that looked like “Guitar Guy,” as the group initially called him. Luckily, April Weaver, director of the NC Arts Incubator led the guided tour through the building and she was able to get us inside the studio space for the opportunity to see the guitars and talk with the Terry C. McInturff.

While it’s kind of cool to have heard guests refer to him as Guitar Guy, the actual title of what he does is luthier. It is amazing how many talents some entrepreneurs possess; it’s not just their craft but the ability to make everyone in the room understand what it takes to make a product and why certain steps must be performed and what is involved in creating a rare piece or custom item. Terry McInturff picked up a square block of wood and shared that it was good but not what he wanted for his current project. He felt it would work better for a different one. He also talked about acoustics and his longtime experience, interest, and passion for studying, and building, guitars. He dubbed himself a pioneer of sorts, in studying the acoustics of the electric guitar and how it affects what comes out of the amplifier. It was one of the moments that gave the group a special look behind the work and an understanding that knowing all aspects of his industry, both performing with and creating the guitars, truly gives the clients of McInturff Guitars a solid product.

Terry also shared with us how he works much like someone who makes furniture because of the equipment he uses. Many of us have lived our lives loving music, listening to the our favorites on the radio or through an app, and maybe even attending concerts. Terry McInturff has done all this, his admiration building, as a fan and as a performer, but he tops it all considering the client list of musicians for whom he has built guitars, including Brad Whitford, Aerosmith; Jimmy Page, Led Zeppelin; Eric Clapton, Yardbirds & Cream; Marshall Crenshaw, Solo Artist & Songwriter; Brad Delsen, Linkin Park; and more.

Terry, keep building the sound and thanks for letting us explore part of a day at your workplace/workspace.

And it was the kind of day that we relish, when an itinerary meanders just the right way, and you learn a little more about an industry or professional or both. Keep those day trips flexible. Tour with confidence–we found new meaning in this statement.

We found this acclaim on the website:
McInturff constantly raises the bar when it comes to execution of design and workmanship.

—Guitar Player Magazine
If there is a guitar maker’s hall of fame, somebody please induct Terry McInturff immediately.
—Guitar World Magazine


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