Restaurateur and Caterer, Greg Lewis, #FacesOfTravel

National Travel & Tourism Week (NTTW) this year is themed the #FacesOfTravel so we’re exploring the individuals behind-the-scenes at several of our visitor-related businesses. Learn more about Greg Lewis (Pittsboro Roadhouse and 39 West Catering), enthusiastic restaurateur, talented caterer, and active community member (and resident). Greg has always been a friend of the CVB and helped me as I worked on policies and plans for the Chatham County Agriculture & Conference Center. He was a sounding board and shared his valuable insight.

What is your current title? What are your official, and unofficial, job duties?
As the owner of the Pittsboro Roadhouse and 39 West Catering, much of my day is spent supporting our team, which can lead to washing dishes and mopping floors to cooking, waiting tables, and bartending. As the owner, it is important that I am aware of all positions and willing and able to be there for our team as needed. When I am not needed, I work with clients booking events, work with the Chef for new menu items and the office work (payroll, bills, scheduling etc.).

Where have you worked/which jobs have you had before now?
I have traveled the country as a chef and worked under some of the most amazing and creative chefs. Prior to moving to North Carolina, I lived in Denver, Colorado, and opened the Inverness Hotel as the Chef de Tournant and then moved on to the Hotel Hershey in Hershey, Pennsylvania, where I was the Executive Chef until I opened a restaurant in that area.

Upon moving to North Carolina, I founded Catering By Design in Cary and ran that company for 13 years before selling it in 2013 to focus on the Pittsboro Roadhouse and be closer to home.

What makes you happiest at your job?
Cooking. I love to be in the kitchen being creative and on the line on a busy night. I also enjoy walking around and speaking to our guests. We have such a wonderful and eclectic mix of people in Chatham County that I am always learning and in awe of all of the knowledge and wisdom they bring.

What keeps you at this job and in this county?
My wife, Maria, and I love Chatham County and Pittsboro! There is no place we would rather be. We would like to try to keep Pittsboro the cute charming town that it is as everything grows around us.

What do you find most special/significant about this destination (either Chatham County or your specific place of business or both)?
Chatham County has a sense of community that we have not seen elsewhere. The level of involvement and care about the community and fellow Chathamite is unmatched.