Kast Events, Cheryl-Anne Kast, #FacesOfTravel

National Travel & Tourism Week (NTTW) this year is themed the #FacesOfTravel so we’re exploring the individuals behind-the-scenes at several of our visitor-related businesses. Learn more about Cheryl-Anne Kast (Kast Events & Company), talented planner with a flair for making events exceptional and memorable (including those last-minute that require a change of venue). Always gracious, it’s a pleasure to know a talented and hardworking professional. She is part of a talented family; her husband, Alexander, is the owner of KastHuis (cheese consulting and purchasing). Photographer Krystal Kast is her sister-in-law, and her brother-in-law, Maximilian, is a sommelier.

What is your current title? What are your official, and unofficial, job duties?
Owner and lead planner. I handle all the event bookings and client meetings as well as all the design work for events.

Where have you worked/which jobs have you had before now?
I was a chef before planning events. I worked at several restaurants in Franschhoek, South Africa, including La Quartier Francais, as well as the United Kingdom. I settled in the United States in 2006. I worked as a chef at the Fearrington house for two years and an events planner for close to eight years. I established Kast events & Co. in 2015.

What makes you happiest at your job?
Seeing the joy and happiness on clients’ faces when you bring their dream day to life! It’s all about making my clients happy and seeing a design come to life!

What keeps you at this job and in this county?
The people, and the joy, we get to bring to clients every weekend.

What do you find most special/significant about this destination (either Chatham County or your specific place of business or both)?
Its beauty and, again, the people! It’s a growing area that has so much to offer.
Photos courtesy of Kast Events, photographer, Krystal Kast.


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