The Inn at Celebrity Dairy

By Victoria Slone Dickson

The Inn at Celebrity Dairy provides a graceful yet welcoming environment for any event of your choosing. Retreat centerpiece_Celebfrom the hectic patterns of your everyday life and escape to this lovely country venue, where an absence of urban distractions makes it easier to focus on your celebration, whether it’s a wedding, corporate event, or social occasion. The secluded farm and forest land, filled with interesting animals including goats, chickens, barn cats, and the occasional peacock, offer a direct link to nature, though the Inn warns that the infrequent goat may add or detract from your event. So if you’re looking for an off-the-beaten-path location for your next event, then the Inn at Celebrity Dairy is perfect for you!

Pricing: Both the log cabin and the atrium can be rented on a daily basis between 9:30 and 5:00 PM, and a two-day minimum rental applies for weekend meetings and retreats. [Blurb about renting the grounds]. Prices for each space can be found below:

  1. Log Cabin: $500 a day
  2. Atrium:
    1. 2-4 hours – $400
    2. 5-8 hours – $800
    3. Over 8 hours – $1500
  3. 24 hour rental – $3500,  any week or weekend day from 12 PM to the following 12 PM
  4. 48 hour rental  – $5000, typically meant for the whole Inn, from 12 PM Friday to 12 PM Sunday

Celebrity Dairy also allows customers to rent the Inn for exclusive use, which includes full access to the Inn’Dinner_Setup_Celebs public rooms, grounds and eight guest rooms, for two or more days. Nonprofits and educational groups can ask about discounts for renting any of the spaces.

Capacity: All three spaces can accommodate various quantities of people. The log cabin may hold from six to twelve people, and the adjoining grounds can easily hold up to 250 guests. The atrium can accommodate different numbers of guest depending on the situation; seating for a rehearsal dinner could hold up to 70, while a stand up reception can host 150 guests. If you’re unsure of the amount of space you’ll need, feel free to contact Celebrity Dairy with your questions.

Basic Specs: The 300 acre working dairy farm has plenty of indoor and outdoor party spaces perfect for any occasion. Indoor spaces include two air conditioned, public rooms: the log cabin which is 400 square feet, and makes for the perfect intimate sitting room, and the two story atrium, which is 1000 square feet. The atrium has a beautiful stone fire place, and has enough space for large meetings or receptions. A small library adjoining the atrium can also double as a breakout room.

Interested patrons may also take advantage of the surrounding grounds, season permitting. The large, wrap-around porch is an excellent location for wedding ceremonies reception lines and bar facilities, or live performances. There’s also a 16 by 24 foot covered porch outside the kitchen that makes for an ideal location for band set ups. 300 year old oaks shade the lawn adjacent to the side porch and atrium. This elegant landscape adds so much to an outdoor wedding ceremony, featuring enough space for a 40 by 70 foot tent. There’s also sufficient space for parking in the front pasture.

Celebrity Dairy will provide a venue coordinator to help plan your event, and has venue Insurance. They also have eight gFireplace_Celebuest rooms that can comfortably accommodate almost two dozen guests, depending on your preferred sleeping arrangements. They even accept children, which is unusual among B&B’s. Tent camping is also available for $10 per tent. Neighboring B&B’s will happily take any additional guests.

Catering Criteria/Options: Celebrity Dairy can provide cheese trays and appetizers for any event. They choose from cheeses produced on their dairy farm, along with seasonal, locally grown produce. Guests may also bring beer or wine to accompany any meal. Celebrity Dairy does not allow outside catering (their on-site chef can cater to any menu or budge), however they can suggest specific vendors for photography, flowers and more.

Fun Fact: In addition to being a venue, The Inn at Celebrity dairy is also a working farm and Bed and Breakfast.