Cool Beans

Calling all coffee connoisseurs
Aromatic_Roasters_designCoffee is something we love in our area and are happy to have multiple options, always seemingly a few blocks from one spot to another (very helpful when you’re roaming from one site on your itinerary to the next). Happily, these spots are each independently-owned and each has a special atmosphere and offerings.

It is one of those businesses for which we are thrilled to add to the growing list of specialty places to explore and enjoy, so it was exciting to meet the owners of Aromatic Roasters, a mobile endeavor. Meeting Mallory Epping and Dominic Treadwell was sheer joy because they are so committed to what they do; they embrace the concept of farm-to-cup, and each visit is an education. Passion, a powerful story, and commitment to quality are features consistent among our visitor-related businesses. It’s for these reasons Aromatic Roasters is yet another business that we have grown to love and are sure you will too.

BehAromatic_Roasters 025ind-the-scenes
We are proud (as are they) of the fact that they are the only coffee roaster inAromatic_Roasters_AR Chatham County; while there are many different coffee shops, they distinguish themselves as a  coffee roastery with the freshest coffee in town. They use computer based graphing software to ensure consistency from roast to roast. They use the Astoria Rapallo lever pull machine to increase control over the extraction of their freshly roasted espresso. Epping and Treadwell pride themselves on the fact that they roast on site. They never serve anything more than seven days old. They are not just a coffee shop nor a re-seller; rather, they are a roasting company offering a unique service.

Starting in Seattle
Aromatic_Roasters 032Experience rich from coffee centers and a successful path, it sounds like coffee was meant to be part of the picture. Epping and Treadwell were students at The Evergreen State College and passion for agriculture, time in Seattle, a business built all on their own, time in Nantucket, and a fortunate turn to move to Pittsboro leads to a hopeful start. Epping’s barista training and experience, from the educated approach to agriculture and farms to coffee bean roasting to lovely signage done by hand and Treadwell’s equally significant work with creating their mobile business and coffee roasting make Aromatic Roasters worth the trip, wherever it leads, whether the farmers’ market or an event—coffee makes it a lively time as do the owners. We love the pour over of their freshest coffee, an espresso drink with design, the friendliness, a little tidbit of education, and roast to order option.

We’re excited to see them grow and become more mobile; we hear that Mallory can bake too so we’re looking forward to some accompaniments such as blueberry muffins, apple upside down cake, or sour cream coffee cake. Look for the orange truck and find cool beans.