Spanish Immersion Students Explore Siler City

Spanish_immersion 020

Hot chips were placed on the table, several baskets, alongside bowls of hot sauce, as a group of Spanish Immersion students prepared for an authentic lunch, complete with conversational Spanish, a tour of the tienda, and plenty of opportunities to learn to speak useful phrases. The weeklong Spanish Immersion course is offered through Central Carolina Community College (CCCC). Students learn among instructors who teach in the classroom and on-site during excursions such as the one to Loma Bonita in Siler City.

Open to everyone with some understanding and knowledge of the Spanish language, the weeklong course is useful for those working with populations that are bilingual and equally beneficial for those interested in delving into learning Spanish. The course offers home host options, for those who wish to keep the conversations flowing well after class is dismissed for the day.

The cultural ventures throughout Chatham County, centrally located within North Carolina, allow for guests to see unique and authentic sites while visiting and exploring. Contact Carl Thompson at CCCC for more information about future sessions. The next course offering is November 4 – 8.