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When we started working with the team at Carolina Brewery & Grill late last fall to discuss NC Beer Month, we were excited to consider the fun possibilities, craft beer specials, a spring event, and tasty beer bread. Our visitors have long been enjoying weekly Saturday tastings and tours as well as the seasonal menu and we were hoping for a big feature to enhance the mix of offerings.

We are ecstatic to announce that Carolina Brewery will release a commemorative beer this April, the Myth Perpetuator Double IPA.

We were thrilled when they shared this news with us and are as equally pleased to share the story of the name. The idea for the name came from the brewers with the concept that the brewers and members of the beer industry are “living the dream” and this awesome beer is going to continue to perpetuate that myth.

Some thoughts from Carolina Brewery:
Jon Connolly, Director of Brewing Operations:
Our brewers work long hours in a physically demanding job in order to bring liquid joy to our guests. Often times customers will come in to relax and have a cold beer and watch the brewing process. They love to remind us that we are “living the dream” though we find this somewhat ironic since they are the ones actually drinking the beer while we are at work!
Our favorite way to make the myth a reality is in the formulation of new recipes and the production of beer styles that we haven’t made before. So that’s how we came up with the name of our latest incarnation “Myth Perpetuator”. This super hoppy double IPA has a huge emphasis on west coast hop varieties which impart delicious citrus flavors and earthy floral aromas.
So now you know,  there’s more to our work than quality control (tasting!) but we like perpetuate the myth whenever possible!

Nate Williams, Head Brewer
The plan for Carolina Brewery’s Double IPA, Myth Perpetuator, is to brew a strong golden beer with intense floral hop aroma and solid bitter edge. We used enough malt to drive the alcohol above 8.5% but didn’t want a lingering malty sweetness. The finish dries out cleanly to accentuate a spectrum of hop flavors.

It was brewed recently and we are looking forward to the reality of Myth Perpetuator Double IPA this April!


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