Roaming with Local Tour Guides

Exploring our destination means a varied experience, whether it includes a new inn, eatery, sight, shop, or event. Touring with a local guide enhances the visit. Sometimes, that guide is a family or friend who lives in Chatham County. For more than a year, we have been working to build tours and tour guides jointly with People-First Tourism, an innovative program that recently received a grant from the N.C. Rural Economic Development Center.

While many believe that good things happen in threes, we like to think that they start that way. We’re excited to be one of the three pilot counties (including Beaufort and Madison counties) to partner with People-First Tourism. We’re also thrilled to introduce the first three tourism micro-entrepreneurs of the program and hope you’ll take advantage of their tours. Join Crystal, Esta, and Melba on their tours of farms, photography and story telling, history, local food, plus a chance to see private working farms and the people who live and work on-site.

Take a tour, learn about our area, make a weekend of it, and immerse into some authentic experiences.