A Destination for Dad

Growing up, we celebrated Father’s Day with a lazy Sunday that started with cards and a big breakfast that included tea plus savory foods and sweet items. We would linger at the breakfast table longer than usual and then my dad would read the Sunday paper from cover to cover. Dinner would either be a special menu of his favorites at home or sometimes it would be our choice at a favorite restaurant. Gifts were sometimes items for my dad’s desk at work or that traditional tie. After he retired, it become harder to think of nifty gifts that were functional or impressive. My dad would always tell us he didn’t need anything and since he didn’t play golf, go fishing, or have a specific hobby aside from volunteering, my two sisters and I were always stumped for birthdays, holidays, and Father’s Day.

Eventually, time and experiences moved to the forefront. We were all living our individual life adventures, good ones. We turned to giving my dad the gift of travel. Just as parents must feel proud and delighted in giving their children a long-awaited and much desired gift, as the kids, we finally found the right present. Fantastic experiences throughout the world, in which we planned all the details, were greatly appreciated, by both our parents. Indulgent experiences that allowed for relaxing and the details all taken care of beforehand, we were then able to think of great gift accompaniments. Now, I think my dad is actually excited about Father’s Day each year.

A few days to go before Father’s Day, in case you need ideas, we’d like to share  just a sampling of our area’s great experiences, big and little, day or overnight:

Happy Father’s Day!